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Gospel-Centered Teaching (Worship & Creative Arts)

Gospel Centered

The Bible has one central theme: God’s redemptive purpose. It has one central figure: Christ. It has one central goal: God supreme in a redeemed universe. The Old Testament sound the messianic hope. The Gospels record Christ’s incarnation. Acts relates His continuing work through the Holy Spirit. The Epistles interpret His person and work. Revelation proclaims His final triumph and glory. The Bible point forward to Christ, backward to Christ, and again forward to Christ in His glorious return and reign. Forward, backward, and forward. Everywhere you turn, there is Christ.
- Herschel Hobbs

The Gospel is the power of God’s salvation, it’s what makes us holy, and it’s what drives us to live on mission for God. Communicating the Gospel transcends worship styles and teaching models, and since Christ is the central theme in Scripture He should be the central theme in our worship services.

1. As a Worship Pastor are you crafting music sets that teach the Gospel, that display God’s redemptive purpose, that point to Christ as central to life?

2. As a Creative Arts Pastor how are you communicating the Gospel through artist expression? Is it being clearly communicated?

If you read Gospel Centered Teaching, by Trevin Wax, you will noticed that he challenges teachers to craft their lessons with three 3 questions in mind. How does this topic/passage fit into the big story of Scripture? What is distinctively Christian about the way I am addressing the topic/passage (would this be true if Jesus hadn’t died and been raised)?  How does this truth equip God’s church to live on mission?

Keep Trevin’s outline in mind when creating a worship experience or introducing a creative element within your church service.


Worship Pastors, consider treating your music sets as if you were teaching a Bible study lesson. Think about what would you say during transitions, what songs would you choose to play, how you would interact with Scripture? If you were to treat the worship set like a Bible study I’m sure the experience would be much different than if you were merely crafting the worship experience by tempo and song key.

If you are producing a video-based testimony to share to the congregation, ask yourself if the Gospel is being clearly communicated.  Is the video a story of hope and personal perseverance or are you pointing people to Christ?

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